About Us

Australia is the mother of nations. We take pride in providing security services to its beloved and appreciated land, people and institutions, as our first priority. 

Security Australia First Ever is different. Enjoy the best of both worlds – with personal attention and responsive service, backed with the expertise of Australia’s fastest growing, privately-owned security company.
SAFE is a long-term partner with deep understanding of the security needs for Australian business. Owned and operated by the founding DIB family, our commitment to service excellence and safeguarding Australian business has remained constant for over 07 years.
SAFE has experienced enviable growth. As the fastest growing, Privately owned Security Company in Australia, SAFE Security continually reinvests into the company. The benefits of which flow directly back to our customers and staff.

Why Use SAFE

SAFE Mission Statement To provide the best possible security service to all of our clients, whilst always maintaining safety, honesty, and integrity. SAFE vision is to be a trusted partner of those who utilise SAFE services.

•    SAFE will work to understand our client’s
•    SAFE will engage in corporate philanthropy
•    SAFE will always be honest with our client’s
•    SAFE will maintain transparency in our business
•    SAFE will maintain transparency in our relationships
•    SAFE will minimise our direct environmental footprint
•    SAFE will develop cost effective flexible solutions for client’s
•    SAFE will engage with the wider community on sustainability issues
•    SAFE will appropriate participate in community projects and activities
•    SAFE will engage employees around climate change issues and impacts
•    SAFE will assist our employees to improve general health and well-being
•    SAFE will strive to be an employer of choice in the Security industry sector
•    SAFE will develop the skills, knowledge and career prospects of our people
•    SAFE will engage with stakeholders and provide opportunities for stakeholder feedback

Security Australia First Ever Pty Ltd is a best-practice Australian Security company, offering and providing turn-key and best-of-breed security solutions for a diverse range of customers at a reasonable cost.

Your safety and security remains our priority at all times and as such you can enjoy your event with peace of mind.

SAFE  is committed to a thriving, safer community.