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Security Australia First Ever offers our mobile patrol services to all major clients. These services include internal and external patrols, open/lock-up duties, welfare checks and alarm attendances/responses.

Cash handling
Data recording
Site inspection
Alarm response
Personal protection

Staff Escorts

When you or your employees need to be accompanied for security reasons, SAFE has professionals who will advise and protect you, and any personal belongings that you need to be guarded in transit. SAFE's professional Security Officers will assist you in the lock-up of your premises and then escort your staff offsite to their vehicle or nearest public transport.

Opening/Closing of Premises

SAFE Security can attend your property and ensure that it is open for business prior to staff and/ or customers arrival – and then ensure it is completely secured at the end of trade. This service extends to both professional and public buildings, such as amenities or sporting facilities to corporate office complexes.

Cash In Transit

SAFE Security utilizes a covert (plain-clothed) and ‘soft skinned’ (non-armored) cash in transit service. This service is suited to clients who have low to medium levels of cash, jewelry or small valuables to transit, and who wish remove this responsibility and risk from their staff. Each service conducted has its own risk assessment in line with legislation. Each risk assessment is re-assessed every 12 months.

Mobile Patrols are a cost effective way to have security presence at your premises, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a full time guard